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Police Accountability -- Anti-Obstruction of Justice by Police

Police around the US are actively turning off body cameras, covering badge numbers, removing names tags, and refusing to identify themselves when asked. This is illegal, but there is a need for stricter punishments for this unlawful act. By starting in Georgia, this act could start small and grow to a national level once recognized. This bill will keep Police accountable and start repairing broken relationships between citizens and law enforement.  This would prevent police from any form of refusing to identify themselves (ex. removing name tags, badges/badge numbers, or refusing to release name/badge number when verbally requested)  or refusing to allow monitoring of themselves (ex. turning off body cameras, tampering with/destroying/disabling security cameras) while on duty.  Examples mentioned earlier would result in a charge of Obstruction of Justice and removal from all Police Departments permenantly as a minimum once proven guilty. While this may seem repetitive, this law would allow the American people a chance to get rid of blatent corruption.  The key to this bill would be the criminalization and removal of Police that abuse power in this manner. Not only does it insinuate that the Police consider acting outside of the law, but it insinuates that there will be no consequences or accountability for the police who commit these crimes.  If you want to help, look up House of Representatives for your state, call and request they support a bill like this. Call your local news station and get them to cover this. Find your Governer's office and call them. Any of these actions will impact the safety of the people around you and help repair broken relations with law enforement. 

Paul Nichols
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