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Petition to School District of Philadelphia, Mayor Kenney

Bring Philadelphia students back to the classroom this fall!

Since March 13, Philadelphia students have been out of in-person classes. Even after remote learning was established, not all students have been able to log in due to internet and other tech issues. Some have just lost motivation and are stressed out by this situation. School for many Philadelphia students is about more than just education. It’s about seeing friends, connecting with teachers, counselors, etc., getting free breakfast and lunch every day, and having a safe space where they have a reliable routine and can spend time with trusted adults. Some Philadelphia students do not have stability at home and rely on school to be a constant, reliable place where they can access the resources they need and connect with trusted adults. Furthermore, some parents rely on school to be open so they can go to work without finding childcare. Despite the district’s efforts, over 1000 students are still unaccounted for at this time. Some could be facing struggles derived from the corona virus shutdown, such as reduced access to meals and homelessness. While the district has provided laptops, weekly meals, and will give food credit to families in June, this situation cannot hold together much longer. The corona virus poses a very low risk to students, and the CDC recently reported that there is only a 0.26% chance of death from this virus, with most of these deaths occurring in people 65+. Most teachers and all students are under 65, meaning that they are all at a lower risk of getting the virus in the first place. While high-risk teachers and students should be taken into account, there are ways to accommodate them, such as allowing these teachers and students the option to continue working remotely until they feel confident about returning to school. Other countries and even other states are exploring safe ways to bring students back to school. With the School District of Philadelphia closed for several months, the school board has had plenty of time to create a workable plan that allows students to come back to the classroom. Whether this means having teachers get tested or having students take turns going to school on certain days, it needs to happen. Schools at every level (elementary, middle, and high school) must re-open in the fall. If essential businesses can find a way to operate, so can schools. Schools are essential, too, so let’s make it a goal to get students back in school!

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Petition to Smithfield, Kenneth Sullivan, Glenn Nunziata, Dhamu Thamodaran, Dennis Organ, Keira Lombardo, Joe Weber, WH Group, Renee Chen

Smithfield CEO must step down!

As of April 27th, nearly 900 workers at Smithfield’s Sioux Falls, SD plant have tested positive for COVID-19, making the plant one of the country’s largest hotspots. Two workers have died so far. Despite workers’ pleas for greater protections, the company failed to act responsibly. Now its employees—and their communities—are paying the ultimate price.  Smithfield’s leadership must be held accountable for this suffering and other injustices they have caused, starting with CEO Kenneth Sullivan.  The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted Smithfield’s refusal to protect worker and consumer health. Smithfield slaughter plant workers describe feeling pressured to come into work even when feeling ill and exhibiting symptoms. One worker in South Dakota told a reporter, “Those people don’t care about us. If you die, they’ll just replace you tomorrow.”  Smithfield’s response to the outbreak?  A spokesperson blamed the “living circumstances in certain cultures” for the mass outbreaks. Instead of taking ownership, Smithfield’s leadership used problematic rhetoric and deflection tactics to get out of protecting their workers. As a North Carolinian, I am deeply familiar with the injustices Smithfield inflicts on the most vulnerable members of society. Here, Smithfield is well known for putting profits over public health. More than 500 North Carolina residents—the vast majority of whom are people of color—have sued the company for subjecting them to the intolerable experience of living next to a mega factory farm. For decades, they’ve endured the unbearable stench of pig waste that is kept in massive, open-air pits then sprayed into the air. Scientists have even documented pig feces on and inside residents’ homes. Smithfield has the power to address these concerns, but it has done nothing. Animals, too, suffer at the hands of this exploitative company. Pigs raised for Smithfield are crammed by the thousands inside filthy factory farms and treated like unfeeling commodities, despite the fact that they are incredibly intelligent and capable of feeling pain. Smithfield claims it is moving away from gestation crates—tiny cages that trap mother pigs, preventing them from even turning around—but investigations reveal they have not kept their promise.  Under Kenneth Sullivan’s leadership, Smithfield is causing extraordinary harm to workers, communities, and animals. This company puts profit above all else and rakes in billions of dollars yearly at the expense of those who have few means to defend themselves.  It’s time we say enough is enough. It’s time for Kenneth Sullivan to step down as CEO.Photo credit: NBC News 

Kelsey Joseph
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澳门皇冠手机网站Petition to Donald J. Trump, Betsy DeVos

Covid-19 Economic Response: Cancel Student Loans by Executive Order.

澳门皇冠手机网站Trillions could be injected into the economy with no tax money needed, and nothing added to the national debt.   President Trump needs new ways to stimulate the economy.  After having thrown an astonishing $9 Trillion into the economy, (and adding roughly that amount to the national debt),  Wall Street is bouncing back stronger than ever, but 40 million citizens have lost their jobs, and many of those jobs will not come back.  This is hurting young people particularly hard.  The President has very few options left, and every conceivable spending/stimulus measure he might enact will undoubtedly require either more tax money, or will increase the national debt. ...EXCEPT CANCELLING STUDENT LOANS BY EXECUTIVE ORDER. The President could issue an executive order cancelling all of the student loans that the federal government holds- about 85% of all student debt. Nothing would be added to the national debt, and no tax appropriation would be needed.  This is- by far- the least expensive, and most expedient way to inject trillions into the economy. MAKE NO MISTAKE:  Before the Covid-19 crisis, this was a FAILED lending system:  55 million borrowers and cosigners are struggling under $1.8 Trillion in debt (up from only $175 billion in 2000).  Over $100 Billion in interest alone is being sucked out of the economy every year.  The default rate for 2004 borrowers is 40%, and borrowing has tripled since that time.  According to the recently resigned Chief Operating Officer of the lending program, 80% of all borrowers will never be able to repay their loans.   Unlike all other loans in this country, student loans have been stripped of fundamental consumer protections like bankruptcy rights, statutes of limitations, and others.  Without these protections, student loans have been weaponized against the very citizens they were supposed to help.   The Result: Lives and livelihoods are being wrecked en masse.  Young people aren’t getting married, starting families, businesses or buying homes.  Older people are being forced to cash in their retirements. Families are being torn apart.  People are fleeing the country.  Some are even committing suicide.  This is not right.  This was never right.   Analysts have predicted that cancelling student loans will increase GDP by about $100 billion for the next ten years, but they do not take into account the borrowing capacity (and thus spending) that such a move would free up. This would be another $1 Trillion injected into the economy in the near and medium term.  Some experts even believe that debt cancellation is the only way to avoid a depression!   THE PRESIDENT-  WHETHER THIS ONE OR THE NEXT-  MUST RESET THIS FAILED LENDING SYSTEM. President Trump has decried the fact that the government was making so much profit on the loans.  The President should create a far more efficient higher education financing system that doesn’t wreck the citizens, hyper-inflate the price of college, and enable a national threat such as what the Department of Education has become.  Rest assured, the taxpayers will be fine.  The federal government has been profiting wildly on this lending system for ten years running. Many years of White House Budget data confirm that the Department of Education is- astonishingly- even making a profit on defaulted loans!  While no one can say with accuracy how much of the $1.5 Trillion in outstanding federal loans is interest vs. principal, it is likely that the former is significantly larger than the latter.  So on balance, the taxpayer should more-than break even on such a move.  Bureaucrats, lobbyists, and other defenders of the lending system in and around the Department of Education will surely protest such a move, but 40 million citizens who are being crushed under the weight of these predatory loans will cheer, and the economy will flourish. This is an historic opportunity for the President to cure a recession, drain the swamp, create a better higher education financing system, and strongly endear himself to tens of millions of voters who would otherwise have, by and large, opposed him this coming November.    THIS IS YOUR PETITION.  HELP IT GROW!  1.   Boost it.  2.  Join us on Facebook.  3.   Post this link  in many places where it will be seen.  4.   Retweet this  to influencers who might help.     WE WILL WIN OUR FREEDOM FROM THIS DEBT WHEN YOU HELP WITH THIS.   Alan Collinge is founder of StudentLoanJustice.Org and author of The Student Loan Scam (Beacon Press)       Facebook

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