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Petition to Hon. Kim Halfmann, President-Elect, Greg Abbott, Mike Braddock, Susan M. Redford, Hon. Renee Couch, President

Change Sheriff Abraham Vega's death to "Line of Duty Death" designation.

澳门皇冠手机网站The "Line of Duty Death" designation for Sheriff Abraham Vega has been DENIED by the Texas Association of Counties. Lynn County Sheriff Abraham Vega died on July 11, 2020, due to complications from COVID-19. Sheriff Vega tested positive for COVID-19 the day after a colleague from the department also tested positive. In the midst of the rage of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheriff Vega dutifully continued to serve the citizens of Lynn County and Texas. Though he took every precaution possible, Sheriff Vega still had a job to do, an oath he swore to protect and serve, and he did that daily. WHO IS ABRAHAM VEGAAbraham served the citizens of Lynn County and the State of Texas his entire adult life. At age 19, Abraham began working in the Lynn County Sheriff's Department as a dispatcher. He went on to serve as the Jail Administrator, Chief of Tahoka ISD Police, Deputy Sheriff, and in 2017 at age 46, elected to his dream of Sheriff of Lynn County, Texas. Abraham also served as the President of the Texas Chief Deputies Association in 2016, and in 2017, was appointed to the Sheriffs' Association Cold Case Review Team. He was involved in every facet of the Lynn County community, always a servant. And in 2020, was re-elected as Sheriff of Lynn County. THE DENIALOn Thursday, July 23, 2020, Lynn County Judge Mike Braddock confirmed in an interview with KLBK that a "Line of Duty Death" designation had been denied by the Texas Association of Counties. Braddock is quoted as saying, "We cannot guarantee he acquired it [COVID-19] on the job." Braddock went on to say, "We were questioned, 'Was it in the line of duty?' We cannot guarantee that it was or that it wasn't." A question to all those involved in the denial of this designation for Sheriff Abraham Vega... 1.) Since there was a confirmed outbreak at the Lynn County Sheriff's Offices where multiple staff tested positive for COVID-19, and 2.) Sheriff Vega still went to work and continued to serve his county while on-duty as he swore an oath he would, and 3.) another member of the Sheriff's Department tested positive, and the next day Sheriff Vega tested positive, ...How can you come to the guaranteed conclusion that he did not contract COVID-19 while on-duty? The job of first responders does not stop during a pandemic. They do not have the luxury of staying home. They can never be certain how or where they may contract such a horrible virus. They must press on, no matter what... and they do! WHY IS THIS DESIGNATION IMPORTANT?The "Line of Duty Death" designation was enacted by the Texas Legislature to provide death benefits for eligible survivors of certain law enforcement officers, firefighters, and others killed in the line of duty. These benefits include lump-sum payments by the state to the surviving spouse, children, or parents, state-paid funeral expenses, health benefits for the family, access to countless programs and scholarships, and so much more. THE SOLUTION: REVERSE THE DENIALYou may try to argue that no guarantee can be made that Sheriff Vega DID contract the virus while on-duty. You cannot also guarantee that he DID NOT contract the virus while on-duty. In Texas, the burden should NOT rest on the family of the deceased, a Texas Sheriff, but should rest on the commissions or associations to PROVE that Sheriff Vega DID NOT contract COVID-19 while on-duty. Short of this, and in light of valid and substantiated evidence that Sheriff Vega did contract COVID-19 while on-duty, the Texas Association of Counties and all involved should officially designate the death of Lynn County Sheriff Abraham Martin Vega to be a "Line of Duty Death." In short, the surviving families of first responders should not have the burden to prove that their loved one died due to contracting COVID-19 on-duty.  Abraham's wife and two children will now never again hear the kind and loving voice of their husband and father. Abraham was taken away from us too soon, but he was taken away while doing what he loved to do. Regardless of what some commission or association may say, Sheriff Abraham Vega died a hero while serving the people he loved of Lynn County and of Texas.  "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."Matthew 5:9, KJV

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澳门皇冠手机网站Petition to Smithfield, Kenneth Sullivan, Glenn Nunziata, Dhamu Thamodaran, Dennis Organ, Keira Lombardo, Joe Weber, WH Group, Renee Chen

Smithfield CEO must step down!

As of April 27th, nearly 900 workers at Smithfield’s Sioux Falls, SD plant have tested positive for COVID-19, making the plant one of the country’s largest hotspots. Two workers have died so far. Despite workers’ pleas for greater protections, the company failed to act responsibly. Now its employees—and their communities—are paying the ultimate price.  Smithfield’s leadership must be held accountable for this suffering and other injustices they have caused, starting with CEO Kenneth Sullivan.  The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted Smithfield’s refusal to protect worker and consumer health. Smithfield slaughter plant workers describe feeling pressured to come into work even when feeling ill and exhibiting symptoms. One worker in South Dakota told a reporter, “Those people don’t care about us. If you die, they’ll just replace you tomorrow.”  Smithfield’s response to the outbreak?  A spokesperson blamed the “living circumstances in certain cultures” for the mass outbreaks. Instead of taking ownership, Smithfield’s leadership used problematic rhetoric and deflection tactics to get out of protecting their workers. As a North Carolinian, I am deeply familiar with the injustices Smithfield inflicts on the most vulnerable members of society. Here, Smithfield is well known for putting profits over public health. More than 500 North Carolina residents—the vast majority of whom are people of color—have sued the company for subjecting them to the intolerable experience of living next to a mega factory farm. For decades, they’ve endured the unbearable stench of pig waste that is kept in massive, open-air pits then sprayed into the air. Scientists have even documented pig feces on and inside residents’ homes. Smithfield has the power to address these concerns, but it has done nothing. Animals, too, suffer at the hands of this exploitative company. Pigs raised for Smithfield are crammed by the thousands inside filthy factory farms and treated like unfeeling commodities, despite the fact that they are incredibly intelligent and capable of feeling pain. Smithfield claims it is moving away from gestation crates—tiny cages that trap mother pigs, preventing them from even turning around—but investigations reveal they have not kept their promise.  Under Kenneth Sullivan’s leadership, Smithfield is causing extraordinary harm to workers, communities, and animals. This company puts profit above all else and rakes in billions of dollars yearly at the expense of those who have few means to defend themselves.  It’s time we say enough is enough. It’s time for Kenneth Sullivan to step down as CEO.Photo credit: NBC News 

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澳门皇冠手机网站Petition to Governor Lou Leon-Guerrero, Guam Legislature, GHURA

Rent/Mortgage Freeze for Guam

We are a group of Guam’s workers who are completely without income, or who have lost most of their household income, due to COVID-19. We are not alone, as non-salary workers in government, hospitality, the gig and informal economies, and the freelancers and the self-employed are all impacted. While the island is on lockdown for our collective wellbeing, all community families need the assurance that they will not be evicted or that they will go into foreclosure in the coming weeks. In addition, we are afraid that a moratorium on evictions and utilities is not enough. Without income or an aid package to match that lost income, we will be bearing an overwhelming financial burden of utility and rent back bills. Lack of housing and utilities is a public health risk and will further exacerbate the spread of the virus. We need to be able to wash our hands, refrigerate our food, cook our meals, and care for our elderly and disabled family members. In addition, we need to ensure we continue to have basic means of transportation and communication for our own safety, and continued ability to achieve income after the crisis. There is no way for us to make up our lost weeks of income, and if we are evicted either now or at the conclusion of the state of emergency, it will still negatively impact our families and the state of public health. We implore immediate action from our leaders to ensure that all of our island's workers, who are also some of the most economically vulnerable population, are able to keep their housing. We respectfully request these emergency measures:   (1) Enact a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures that lasts the entire time Guam is in a State of Public Health Emergency.   (2) Enact a moratorium on all utility shut-offs that lasts the entire time Guam is in a State of Emergency.   (3) Suspend rent charges for the duration of the State of Emergency, or failing that, ensure that no one will ever be evicted, have their home foreclosed, or have utilities shut-off, neither now nor after the crisis has abated, due to non-payment that occurred during the State of Emergency. Require landlords, banks, and utility companies to accept partial payment, payment plans, and grant payment forgiveness to residents unable to pay during the State of Emergency, and require that landlords, banks, and utility companies never retaliate against residents for such situations.   (4) If possible, provide emergency assistance funds to people unable to pay rent, mortgages, or utility bills.   (5) Freeze all rent and utility prices at current levels (as of March 22, 2020) until the end of the State of Emergency.   (6) Freeze vehicle loan payments and basic phone service payments until the end of the State of Emergency.   Together, these measures provide basic protections for residents during the COVID-19 outbreak. We desperately  need them to ensure our public health, personal stability and unity as as island.   NOTE: Some of you have noticed that provides a donation prompt after you sign the petition. This is customary for all petitions. We do not have the ability to turn this feature off or on, and the donations do not go to us. Please sign and share only.

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澳门皇冠手机网站Petition to ALDI CEO Jason Hart, ALDI Crisis Response Team

ALDI USA: make COVID-19 raises permanent!

On March 25th ALDI US announced temporary wage increases for all hourly store and warehouse employees, in light of the increased pressures and health concerns brought about by COVID-19.  For the first time many employees are now earning (or close to earning) the standard labor movement demand of $15 an hour.  As welcome as these wage increases are, they are currently on track to expire at the end of April.  Even as many employees work longer hours each week, the increases are not being applied to overtime pay. As of April 19th the United States has seen over 40,000 deaths due to COVID-19, more than double the total of any other country, and over 750,000 confirmed cases, a number that has doubled in under two weeks.  While the true peak of the pandemic may not be obvious until sometime after it has passed, it is clear that the crisis is far from over, with some experts predicting that it could continue for months to come.  Reducing wages for frontline workers at this moment is arbitrary and cruel, and will add further strain to stores as more workers decide to stay home.  While grocery workers are fortunate enough to still have a source of income, they face increasing risks by continuing to show up for work when confirmed case numbers are spiking and unknown thousands in the sector are among the affected.  Additionally, this crisis and the temporary increases themselves have highlighted how undervalued those in the food and retail sectors are at the best of times.  Despite incurring certain costs due to the pandemic, the grocery industry has also seen relative stability compared to the wider economy, if not an outright boost.  One bank estimate puts grocery profits up 8% to 15% for the year due to the massive recent increase in sales.  These companies can afford to pay their workers the (still modest) figure that they have been demanding for years and allow that money to recirculate back into the rest of the economy.  Other major retailers such as Walmart, Albertsons, Whole Foods and Target have also given workers temporary pay increases that should be made permanent. It's time for ALDI to show true appreciation for their employees, and to help raise the accepted financial standard for all retail and low-wage workers across the economy by making their permanent starting wage at least $15 an hour.

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