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As a mother of five school aged children, I find it totally absurd and ridiculous to reopen schools without a guaranteed safe vaccine or cure for Covid-19 and cases continuing to go up! I refuse to send my children back to school without better protections. Please sign my petition and send a message that:OUR CHILDRENS HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN GOVERNMENT AGENDA! Children are too unpredictable to return to school now! Thinking that they will All wash their hands and keep a mask on throughout the school day is totally ridiculous! Our children's health and safety needs to be TOP PRIORITY PERIOD! Children like to play pranks on each other and may pull off masks, fights etc. which puts others at risk. Wearing mask for extended periods of time is uncomfortable for us as adults as is, and to expect kids especially younger ones to keep masks on throughout the school day is being naive. Until there is a safe vaccine or cure and cases go back down, our children should attend classes remotely or classes should be held outdoors to provide a safer alternative to enrich our childrens minds and keep them safe! I personally don't mind homeschooling my children to give them their best chance and to keep them safe! Schools are breeding grounds for germs in general, especially during the colder months. With Covid being as contagious and rampant, we need safer alternatives to keep our children healthy as well as engaged and educated!

Charmica Payne
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Petition to Ron DeSantis, Richard Corcoran, Jacob Oliva

Contain the spread of Covid-19 in Florida prior to opening schools.

Governor DeSantis,  You are insisting Florida’s school employees do their jobs in person in a few short weeks while we are still in the first wave of the pandemic and facing a dangerous surge in the spread of Covid-19. A spread that has yet to be contained in our state. I ask you to do YOUR job first and contain this virus. Without action, you are putting students, staff, families and entire communities in the very harm’s way you have made exponentially worse by reopening too soon.  I am a public school teacher and the parent of a public school student. You are putting my family's lives at stake by irresponsibly opening schools as the number of infected citizens climbs exponentially. I invite both you and Commissioner Corcoran to join me in my 900 sq. ft. poorly ventilated, enclosed classroom to experience trying to keep 20 first graders safe for hours on end day after day. No amount of safety measures will work unless you DO YOUR JOB to contain the spread first. Otherwise, schools will become super-spreading entities. By insisting schools open in just a few weeks as this virus continues to spread unchecked, you are sending the clear message that our lives are disposable. Students, staff, and family members will get sick. Some will die. All unnecessarily because better decisions CAN and SHOULD be made. I BEG you to look at what Massachusetts and New York did to control the spread. Please do what is right for the health and safety of our state's citizens. I desperately want to teach in person. I want my daughter to learn in person, but I will NOT risk our lives doing it. And that is exactly what you are asking all of us to do as you carelessly move forward with openings and a lack of mandated safety procedures. Our counties need your leadership NOW. We need consistent safety mandates throughout the state to contain the spread. Until then, people will continue to travel to areas with fewer restrictions and increase the spread.  Lock us down until spread is contained. Mandate masks and distancing. Period. Do what is right. PLEASE.

Dianne Dawson
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A Letter to the Governor of NJ; Keep Schools Closed, Let Us Remote Teach

Governor Murphy, First off, thank you for all you've done to keep New Jersey safe amid this pandemic. You didn't sign up for this when you ran for election, certainly didn't anticipate anything like this, and yet you've maintained a cool head and done everything you can to make the best decisions for the state. For this reason, I have to ask why you think we will be able to open schools again in September and stay safe? I have been a middle school teacher for nearly two decades now. I've gone through rounds and rounds of testing, increased scrutiny on my practice, more paperwork than I ever dreamed imaginable, and attacks on curriculum all in the name of increasing rigor even though it's made the work I do less personal and, frankly, less effective. I have never, in my eighteen years of teaching, been afraid of going to work and facing the challenges that I've been presented with. In fact, i've relished the opportunity to reach my students and give them the best education I've been able to accomplish. For the first time, I am terrified of going to work in September. My wife is in the high risk category, and the idea of going into school and facing hundreds of children with the very real possibility of me bringing this virus back to her is not something I am looking forward to doing. Schools are not capable of opening in a way that will keep children and staff safe. Social distancing in a school is IMPOSSIBLE. It's not a challenge, it's not a difficulty we must overcome, it is, plain and simple, an impossible task. If indoor dining, which is far easier to control from a social distancing point of view, cannot reopen, why in the world are you telling schools to reopen? The staff of schools are citizens of this state as well as all those others who want to get back to their office jobs, but your mandate that schools reopen in September (even partially) is treating us like guinea pigs in a very dangerous game. I know there's still time before we reopen, but the fact is, we teachers need time to plan for remote learning. We need to use this summer to get the best education to the state's kids as we are able. You know that we are capable of this - we went from regular teaching to remote learning in a couple of days in March. Imagine if we, teachers and administration, had a summer to prepare for the reality of remote learning. Rather than stressing about the impossibilities of masks and social distancing, we could focus our energies on preparing remote classrooms until it is TRULY safe to teach in person again. If you were to abruptly change the mandate and say schools will remain closed in August due to a spike in Coronavirus, and let's face it, it's going to happen again sooner or later, you would have wasted all this precious time that we could be preparing for better teaching remotely. Governor, I ask you, please reconsider your orders about school's reopening. It's simply not safe for students or staff. NJ has recently been rated as the number one state in the country for education. That's something to be extremely proud of, and if we are to maintain that, we need time to prepare for the fall. I want to be with my students as much as anyone, but I am genuinely afraid of the disaster that is looming if we open again in September. Keep the schools closed until it is truly safe for us to return. Thank you.

Jason Flum
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