Justice For George Floyd

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Petition to Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts State House, Massachusetts Governor, Edward J. Markey, Joseph P. Kennedy III, Rachel Rollins


澳门皇冠手机网站Peace and thank you for taking the time to read a summary of Nuri Muhammad’s journey through his words. Let me take you into what it is like to be a Cape Verdean man involved in the criminal justice systems injustices. The legal theory“JOINT VENTURE”  was what all 6 co defendant’s along with myself had to agree to the same plea bargain or else the deal will NO longer EXIST. That was what I was told would define my fate in this case.2 out of 7 individuals in the case did not take the deal leading to myself being left with NO choice, but to take my case to trial and ultimately receive the sentence of 1st degree, life without parole. Over the 10,222 days 336 months as I speak these words to be typed many other “JOINT VENTURE” cases have been tried Similar to my case only DIFFERENCE is that they are involving individuals that are not from poverty, black or Latino communities. The DIFFERENCE is they have received sentences that do not compare to the life without parole sentence I have received. INJUSTICE is what has occurred in my case and it is important for us now during 2020 to showcase the need for change in our criminal justice system to not sentence individuals DIFFERENTLY due to ones COLOR of SKIN. Please Sign my petition so that my case can come to LIGHT as an example of SYSTEMATIC RACISM! God willing I will be able to be free of this concrete jungle and continue to do the work that needs to be completed to have our youth and young adults aware of what one unfortunate eventcould easily impact their and others lives. I am a believer of God, a father, a son of a single mother, a product of the inner city streets of Boston, a remorseful incarcerated inmate, I am a changed man with the responsibility to inform others that are stuck in the revolving cycle of the criminal life on the importance of being a law abiding citizen. My name is Nuri Muhammad and I would like you to know that I am no longer the confused or emotionally unstable product of the streets. What I have become is a man of faith, a prisoner that reversed his street mentality. A individual who is no longer looking to fit in, but now is the one leading, mentoring and showing others in the prison how to self improve themselves with a changed mindset. The day that got me here in prison,  the day that changed so many lives, I did not know why I existed in this life.   Through the process of taking responsibility and the impact of remorse that is daily on my heart of my participation on that life changing day for many I am dedicating my life in honor of that life taking to reverse the thinking of those who are lost and only know the stagnite cycle that has been stuck in our communities of color and poverty for generations.      During my time incarcerated I have been able to avoid the challenges of the negative social. atmosphere inside this concrete jungle by focusing on educating myself with being a proud member of The Nation of Islam, self improvement programs, books, being a mentor, participating in the project youth, and being involved in the African American coalition Committee My title in the AACC is Sargent at Arms. With this position I am to ensure that all guests such as State Representatives and U.S. Congress officials that are attending our meetings are secured and feel comfortable. I am entrusted with this position and value those who take their time to address the need for change in our criminal justice system.          It takes a leap in faith not fear to not only avoid, but to resist the risky temptations that occur daily in the prison environment. I have maintained and demonstrated my character as a man of change eagerly awaiting for the opportunity to reach out to lives outside of these walls.           Progress in myself has been made over these 28 years of me being incarcerated and I am no longer asleep of the loss cycle I was once living in. I am awoken and want others to awake, so that lives do not need to be lost, habits do not need to be formed, and families on both sides do not need to endure the tragedies of the unnecessary cycle that consumes our communities of color. I would like to be the  face of change and dedicate the work that I plan on doing in the community to the life that was lost on that day resulting of me being incarcerated. The impact of these actions that resulted the families involved pain throughout these years I do not take lightly I know that I could be involved in the conversations to our youth and young adults so that other families would not need to endure this difficult pain. Thank you for your support and Stay Blessed  Nuri Muhammad 

Nuri Muhammad
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Petition to Mike DeWine, U.S. Governors, Police Union Leaders

Dishonorable Discharge for Police

澳门皇冠手机网站Although our nation has been more cognizant of social injustices recently, it is important that we ensure that this leads to real change in our communities. For this reason, I would like to call for a dishonorable discharge clause to be added to police guidelines in both our government and police unions, in order to avoid these scenes from repeating themselves. It has become more apparent that it is extremely difficult to hold police accountable. As we have seen, it took a global movement to charge the murderers of George Floyd, a case which was well documented and clear cut. But we should not all have to come together across the world to demand justice one case at a time. Instead, we need to ensure that police departments, and police unions do not protect the "bad cops". I propose a dishonorable discharge clause be added, following the format of the military, such that any cop that is fired cannot be rehired either in the same department or in any other police department. Having police officers fired is very difficult, and even when they are fired, officers are often rehired thanks in large part to police unions which protect them from facing actual consequences. There have even recently been explicit offers to rehire fired police officers in Florida. And although this proposal is far from eliminating all "bad policing", it is a reasonable first step. We cannot continue to allow this behavior to go on without any consequences. Please, help us bring about permanent change and police accountability to our communities, and share this message as many times as you can. Because this matters. We should not be afraid to stand for something; rather, we should be afraid to stand for nothing at all.   Specific officers that should not be rehired: Murderers of George Floyd could get their jobs back under the current rules 57 Buffalo police quit in protest of peers facing consequences after fracturing 75 year old man's skull Officers fired for domestic abuse quickly rehired in a different department in Texas Officer fired twice for a felony then perjury was rehired as chief of police in Ohio General information on police brutality and rehiring: Colorado laws give fired officers a "second chance" Cops getting fired over racist social media posts Firing American workers is easy, unless they're police Study shows that rehired officers continue to exhibit bad behavior when rehired in new police departments "Disqualifying conduct" rarely an obstacle for fired police to get rehired Officers fired repeatedly, back on the job

Vanessa Ordonez
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Petition to Michelle Obama, Donald J. Trump, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, NBC, CBS, CNN, President of the United States

Justice for SSG Esposito, Alfred; a 3x Combat Veteran wrongfully sent to Fort Leavenworth.

On February 08, 2012 Staff Sergeant Alfred Edward Esposito was found guilty of a crime he DID-NOT commit. MAJ. Ku who was his sentencing Judge openly admitted to committing "Legal Error" by disregarding the Statute of Limitations and stated that defendant SSG Esposito can address this issue during his appeals process. When the case arrived at the desk of COL. Rothstein, MI Commanding he concurred with the approval of the sentence. Corresponding outcome would occur when the case was referred to the Army Criminal Court of Appeals level. "NO GROUND BREAKING EVIDENCE" and/or "EXPLANATION" was provided to support the "additional charge" he was found GUILTY of (which subsequently contradicts the charges he was found "NOT GUILTY" of). CPT DuPerre (then) was his Company Commander that initially imposed the charges to SSG Esposito, now found himself perplexed by the sequence of events and noticed the prejudice within it; so much to the fact that he himself, testified on the character and integrity witnessed by him during his command over SSG Esposito. SSG Esposito didn't need a single defense witness to support his NOT-GUILTY plea; however, EVERY SINGLE WITNESS that the PROSECUTION presented before the court "TESTIFYING AGAINST" SSG Esposito was immediately "DISMISSED-BY-THE-JUDGE".  As a result SSG Esposito received the following: Conviction in a "General Court Martial" "Bad Conduct Discharge" "12 months Confinement at the Joint Regional Correctional Facility, at Fort Leavenworth" "Forfeiture of all pay and allowances" "Reduction to E1/PVT" a re-entry code prohibiting him from continued service in all branches "Inability to receive benefits earned over the decade plus he served" Post imprisonment connected with the label "FELON" lost his right to vote lost his right to exercise his 2nd amendment rights lost his right to obtain gainful employment with Federal, City, State, Civil Service, and local Law Enforcement  Leaders "please" utilize your position - influence and assist in others realizing that a terrible mistake was made which has caused life changing ripple effects on ALL lives connected to SSG Esposito. As a people, in no way are we perfect at anything we do. This includes our military and civilian counterparts alike; so hiccups and lacks of judgment in decision making holds a place somewhere in us all, however, doing what's right and standing firm in the face of adversity is what this Veteran deserves. He volunteered to protect America; now it's time America for us to protect SSG Esposito. Furnished upon request are countless documentation, citations, certificates, awards, reference letters, and just awesome powerful words and testimony from the U.S. Army, key leaders, senior and subordinates' alike, family, friends, and even acquaintances that properly depicts SSG Esposito and outlines him as a pillar in his various communities. Our Army needs determined, consistent, mission ready leaders whom can continue to impact young Soldiers all the while preserving the true essence of The Army Values and Mission. Please reinstate this NCO so he can continue to be what he was created to be, Rifleman, Soldier, and Leader. We ALL took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic // I challenge you all to stand tall and do what's right // Save a Soldier and his family // ALL we're asking for is due process // revisit this case; examine the facts; except this time on a public scale // NO-MORE-BEHIND-THE-SCENES // Soldiers volunteer and are fully prepared to risk their lives and give the ultimate sacrifice just to protect our nation; our values; our freedom. The Geneva Conventions and Rules of Engagement GUARANTEE the enemies of our great nation protocol, policies, and procedures ESPECIALLY-IN-A-TIME-OF-WAR; at the very least sign and share this petition; help push the agenda forward; our Soldiers deserve at least that same level of care.  

Alfred Edward Esposito II
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