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Petition to Governor Baker

Have Governor Baker change his stance on return to sports in Massachusetts

澳门皇冠手机网站Monday’s Phase III / Step 1 Guidelines issued by Massachusetts Governor Baker that covered the Re-Opening Standards for youth & adult amateur sports activities was actually a step backwards from the Phase II we have been in since June. It came as a complete surprise to EVERYONE who has been involved in the process and the athletic community. With the success of Phase II and the overall daily numbers being reported by the state of MA, everyone was expecting a Phase III to begin July 6th that would have allowed children to participate in league play and tournaments for multiple sports, with realistic social distancing and hygiene practices in place. The document presented by the state is disappointing to say the least but the real issue is why and where do we go from here? There is no timeline on how long Step 1 will be enforced. There is NO definition of what Step 2 will be or WHEN it will occur. The committee that was advising the Governors office on Phase I and Phase II, that had representation from many different factions in the state, has effectively been disbanded with Monday’s announcement. Leaders in the business community, youth sports community and MIAA no longer have a voice via this committee. Their recommendations fell on deaf ears this past weekend. The Department of Public Health led by Monica Bharel has taken over as advisory and administrator of all youth and high school athletics reporting into the governor and lieutenant governor and disbanded the advisory committee. The recommendations that have been presented do not take into account the impact of kids not being able to play, the economic impact on sports related business, and effectively have shut down all youth & high school sports on a competitive level until January 15th 2021. The reality is the action related to this announcement has severely impacted all sports business in MA indefinitely. They actually made the entire situation worse, as thousands of youth sports players/teams are now traveling to neighboring states to take part in leagues and tournaments. By not allowing our kids to compete locally and stay in MA, they are now traveling out of state only to return to MA. This directly seems to defeat all that we have done here in MA to contain exposures and reduce infections.   By signing this petition you agree that Governor Charlie Baker, Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and their assembled committees need to reconsider their stance on return to competitive play for adults, youth and high school athletes. This petition is on behalf of all the families, athletes, coaches, sport facility employees and businesses who have been deeply affected by the governor's actions.     

Tom Teager
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澳门皇冠手机网站Petition to FHSAA , Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Ron DeSantis, Mayor Dale Holness, Mayor Dave Kerner, Florida High School Athletic Association, Archdiocese of Miami, Florida Council of Independent Schools, Miami Dade County Public Schools, Broward County Public Schools, Palm Beach County Public Schools, FHSAA Executive Director George Tomyn, Commissioner Richard Corcoran, FHSAA Board President-Elect Lauren Otero, FHSAA Board of Directors

We Want School Sports

The health and safety of our youth should be front and center as we navigate these unprecedented times. The physical and mental health of our youth depends on several factors and one of those is exercise. At the school level much of the exercise comes in the form of competitive play. We urge our public and elected officials along with the leadership at the schools to consider all options versus blanket decisions such as outright seasonal sport cancelations.  We understand this is a complex problem, however, it is upon all of us to find solutions to minimize the threat of Covid affecting the youth sports environment. Adults have the responsibility to limit the disruption to normal daily activities for our youth such as competitive athletics. This responsibility should include exploring and exhausting all creative and innovative safety procedures and equipment. The fact that some school districts may not have in-person learning shouldn't automatically cancel school sports. Allow parents, coaches and students to make the decision to participate in sport under safety guidelines. Let's also keep in mind that not all sports have the same level of risk, therefore, we encourage individual sport guidelines consideration. The National Federation of High School Sports has published a 16-page guide to help states with the reopening of each sport. We urge you not to simply follow the cancelation of entire seasons across all sports simply because some universities or other institutions have made similar decisions. Be different and avoid acting prematurely. Gather input and sentiment from the various stakeholders within the youth sport environment. Take into account that young athletes do not get a re-do in their young lives when it comes to athletics.  They cannot be given an extra year of eligibility as you might get at the collegiate level. The positive long and short term effects of sports on our young people is immeasurable. What we need now is healthier and more fit young people to boost immune systems and positively affect mental health. We have to keep their young minds and bodies healthfully busy. If they don't have sport to give their time to, they may likely utilize that time to get into trouble especially as parents continue to focus on their work. Furthermore, if schools do cancel the reaction will be student athletes with the financial means will pay for private club teams to further their athletic endeavors. This will ultimately leave those who cannot afford the private clubs to be left behind. Young people of all socio and economic backgrounds must not suffer any further due to our inability as adults to mitigate and minimize risks from Covid-19.  The pandemic is real but so is the quality of the current lives of our young people and their future. Please don't mistaken our position to move forward with school sports. We are not saying that competing in youth sports is more important than matters of disease and illness. That would be insensitive, ignorant and severely lacking empathy for what this virus has factually done thus far to our communities. However, we do have an equal responsibility to find safe solutions to optimize living life in a timely manner. We should not delay any further in truly exploring, planning and executing those solutions. #WeWantSchoolSports

School Sports
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