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Solve Unemployment with The American Dream Act

          We need to solve our economic breakdown, save millions of Americans on Unemployment, and give incentive to go back to work. Yet, entire industry sectors are crumbling daily. We, the people need new opportunities to save our country! We deserve a chance not only to survive, but to thrive! We need our shot at the American Dream, now is the time!      I’m sure, like me, many of the recently unemployed have had much time at home to think about what you really want out of this life. We have had plenty of time to think about how we could contribute with our talents, and how we can take care of our families. I know I did, and I kept wishing I had the chance to use my natural talent to help heal people through healing art. I have a great vision, and I’ll bet many of the unemployed have thier own dreams they would love to have a chance to see to fruition.      Not everyone has had the financial opportunities to do what they love. Our Politicians cannot agree on what to do. Some want to give incentives to go back to work, and some are just worried about helping us survive. The one thing they should agree on, is that they don’t want to be part of the administration that destroyed America’s economy and future. We are running out of time,!on this issue, the implications of the ripple effect seem to be completely devistating to our economy.      This does not need to be divisive, they are both right. This is a chance to not only solve problem, but help Americans create new opportunities for each other. It is well known that if you do what you love, it’s not really work. People should have the option to choose a lump sum business grant to start a new business( regardless of credit! Equal opportunity, finally! ), or get paid weekly as usual til benefit exhausted for individual.           Make it a risk, to weed out people who are not serious, by making recipients of this grant ineligible for unemployment for benefit time period, at least. Also extend the same grant opportunity to small businesses trying to get EIDL grants, and loans.      This can be done, we have the best Capitalists running the show. Think thriving not surviving, these guys should be pumped to be a leader that gave Americans a chance to live the true American Dream, and show the world why this is the best place to live.       Create new opportunities, by co-creating with citizens. Please try this, instead of giving so much money to corporations that are failing and doing massive layoffs. Give funding to SBA, The Department of Labor, etc. to add more consultants for helping people receiving these Grants. And let’s make sure that these are grants, and not loans that need to be paid back. To our Leaders:      A lot of legislation has been passed that helps the politicians own personal business interests. This is fine, because we applaud your personal growth endeavors. Please applaud our endeavors, and give us a chance to start our American Made businesses, that we can be passionate about, and keep jobs here. That is real incentive!       This is a chance for our government and our people to take a crisis and transform our country back into innovation and really thrive again. Let’s build our communities back up, and finally live the American Dream. 

Tina Wall
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Mitch McConnell, Ron Wyden

Unemployment & economic support for live-entertainment workers

Live-Entertainment Workers, we urgently need your support!   Whatever the next (and perhaps final) policy to effect our economic lives will come in the next few weeks, and likely before July 2, 2020 (edit: revised to start negotiations after the July 4th Senate two week recess). We live-entertainment workers need support in the next legislation (which will come, in part, from the Houses HEROES Act).  Unlike other sectors of employment, we stand to be one of the final sectors to return to employment.   We WANT to return to work!A return to work bonus (currently being discussed as $450/week by the Senate) will NOT help us.  Until states deem it possible and safe for us to gather again, we will not have employment.  The current boosted federal unemployment insurance is not dis-incentivizing us from working, it is keeping us afloat.  If you factor in that MANY workers are also now separated from our employers and thus our health-care, we are now using that 'extra' money to pay for COBRA or health care. Until we can return to work, we need continued support in this next phase of legislation.  We petition for the following: Extended regular (state) unemployment of a maximum of 99 weeks (as was had during the Great Recession). Continued $600/week federal boost until we return to work.   COBRA subsidy to help continue health insurance (during a global pandemic). State funding for Covid-19 testing, tracing and treatment.  The sooner the Covid is behind us, the sooner we can return to work! 

Gwen Turos
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, United States Supreme Court, Department of Education, U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell

Sign Executive Order to PERMANENTLY Abolish All Interest Rates on Student Loans

澳门皇冠手机网站Student loan debt is a growing problem in our country, and it is only getting worse over time. There are various ways that we can combat this issue, however, there is one major aspect of student loans that never gets addressed... the concept of interest rates on these loans. People simply don't talk about it. Graduates (old and new) don't want a handout. We don't want "free this, free that". We work hard for everything we acquire in life. But it just isn't good enough, as 44.7 million Americans are stuck in a rat race and getting trapped in the never-ending cycle of paying on accruing interest.  I am proposing two simple, yet revolutionary ideas that could greatly combat this growing problem without impacting U.S. taxpayers.  1.) Cancel all interest balances and abolish interest rates on all federally backed student loans. Then, negotiate with all private financial institutions to drastically lower interest rates on student loans not backed federally (1% or lower). OR... 2.) Allocate all student loan payments towards the 'principal balance'. There is no reason why Americans should be paying towards the 'outstanding interest balance' first, rather than impacting the principal balance and causing the overall interest to decrease. It is an extortion racket that is draining more money out of hard working Americans. It is not ethically sound.  Sign this petition and get the attention of the Executive branch. Urge POTUS to sign an executive order implementing one of these two ideas. IT IS TIME TO CREATE STUDENT LOAN REFORMATION THE RIGHT WAY!

Sam H.
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